Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baby Makes Back in Order

Well, shucks, a mere one day later and our real blog is back in order. Thanks so much to everyone who faithfully jumped over here for a brief time to keep up with the news. We're back at blog.babymakes.net so we'll see you over there, and keep this blog in mind if we ever have trouble in the future.


Monday, January 09, 2012

Back Up Baby Makes Blog

We're having difficulties with our blog these days, so until we can fix good old blog.babymakes.net, I'll use this one which I created back in 200whoknows to update us all.

I first found out there was trouble with the blog when I tried to post on Christmas eve, about Christmas eve, and couldn't upload the pics of the amazing train table Santa brought the boys. Then I tried to post about something else amazing and couldn't do it, and then we left town. I'm going to have a ton of xmas posting to do when its back up.

Miraculously, Arras fixed the problem a few days ago, then tried to do an update and broke it again. So we're back to sort of square one. Anyhoo, here we are.

Its January. Winter has finally arrived and Jax has grown out of his winter coat. To lengthen the sleeves I knitted right into the existing cuffs about 2 inches of K1P1 ribbing so his wrists can be covered.

I bathed the dog yesterday. The kids "helped". Nero is such a well behaved dog. Poor guy just stood there as I washed him and the only sign of complaint was when I took the shower spray under his belly...then he sort of awkwardly lifted a leg...

We spent the afternoon looking at houses in Orleans. We're funny peeps because we have no confidence that a bank will approve a mortgage, but here we are looking at options anyway. Now that we've got Hopkins Home Solutions off the ground, we're looking for a place with a work shop for Arras and one of the houses we saw yesterday had a full shop with tools to boot. A family can dream. The boys love looking at houses - Cameron especially - they love to explore and feel like they're doing something special by marching around an empty, but furnished house.

And so after the house-looking, we were all starving and Arras and I needed a pint so we settled in at the Barley Mow, and Cameron and I played with the iPad2. He's so beautiful, my firstborn son, would that he would sleep through the night at 5 years old!!!